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Supposed Samsung Galaxy S III Leaks in Press Invite With May 22nd Launch Date

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another round of ‘Fake or Not?’ with our special guest, the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The above press invite has started doing the rounds today, showing another render of Samsung’s hugely anticipated smartphone along with a launch date of May 22nd. The event leads us to believe that Samsung will reveal the phone on that Tuesday in London, but we’re not so sure.

Several aspects of this dodgy-looking invite lead us to believe it’s a hoax – for starters it states the event as taking place in London, United Kingdom. London isn’t the capital of the United Kingdom, it’s the capital of England, and what’s more, Samsung has never included the location of a product unveiling in previous invites.

What’s more, the render of the phone in the invite looks absolutely nothing like any Galaxy smartphone we’ve seen before, and nothing like any of the recent, more believable, leaks. The phone shows a seamless front with the bottom of the device tapering off and no visible ports or connections – while it looks very sleek and slim, it doesn’t really look like a mobile phone to us.

Samsung typically likes to refer to its big product unveilings as ‘Unpacked’ events, just as it has done with the Galaxy S II in Barcelona and the Galaxy Note after that. This new pres invite – which many of the top UK tech publications didn’t receive – shows no mention of Unpacked and also seems rather blurry.

Invite aside, there’s no doubting that the public want the Galaxy S III bad, with retailers around the world reportedly pre-ordering 10 million units in stock before the phone has even been announced.

Still we wait with baited breath for what could be the smartphone of the year, and fingers crossed Samsung will reveal it soon to put an end to the endless leaks, rumours and iffy renders.

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Via: GSMArena

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