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New Super Smash Bros. – Nintendo to Release Details Soon

When me and my brother were younger, I can safely say he could beat me at any physical or mental activity, save for one thing – Super Smash Bros on our second hand Nintendo 64. Items were apparently a cheap way of winning, and today I can agree, but then again all is fair in love and war.

Now the fourth (or is it fifth?) incarnation of the classic crossover brawling simulator is peeking over the horizon, being confirmed for a 2014 3DS and Wii U release by Nintendo at E3 2011. So far we know of 24 of the brawlers expected to feature, including but not limited to old hands Mario, Donkey Kong, Link and Samus.

New stars include Mega Man, the Wii Fit Trainer, and Animal Crossing’s Villager. Abilities for these new characters seem obvious enough, with Mega Man’s long established suite of abilities, and the Villager probably being able to brain foes with a spade, but Wii Fit Trainer… I’m guessing she’s going to do some special yoga pants abilities… FAN SERVICE!

 Nintendo has already released word that the questionable tactic of edge-guarding (camping at the edge of the arena and purposefully preventing other players from recovering from a fall) is being reworked, hopefully with the intention of preventing cheap players from stopping your mad sick recoveries.

For more information, head over to Nintendo very soon for a live stream Nintendo Direct event, which can be watched in Europe here and North America here at 3pm PT / 6pm ET/ 11pm GMT on Tuesday April the 8th.

This live stream is going to hopefully shed some light on the title and may even include a release date, we’ll keep you posted!

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