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Super Powered Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A Leaked online – 2K display and 3GB of RAM

One of Samsung Galaxy S5 handsets looks to have been bitten by a radioactive Spider or something, as new of a super charged Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A handset has leaked online via a Hong Kong price checking website.

The handset dubbed the Galaxy S5 LTE-A has appeared online will come looking similar to the Galaxy S5 flagship phone but this time with a super 5.1-inch 2K display with a 2560×1440-pixel resolution and 3GB of RAM, as well as a Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A is coded as the SM-G906S and was listed by the price checking website in Hong Kong, it states that the Screen size and camera specs are the same as the original S5, with the Screen resolution, processor and RAM receiving the upgrade.

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The Leak suggests that the S5 LTE-A will be the first smartphone that powered by the new Snapdragon 805 processor, thus needing the bigger 3GB of Ram, and the listing also suggests that the handset will come running the Android 4.4.3 KitKat software.

It has previously been suspected that Samsung are working on two variants of the Galaxy S5 in production, one of which is called the “Prime” and another codenamed “Active”, but that’s about all the information that has been leaked.

However the amped up specs of the leaked S5 LTE-A could point towards being with the Prime or Active versions.

The listing also details a price for the handset, at HKD $5,070 which works out at £387, but we would not expect it to retail this cheap in the EU/UK if (or when) it arrives on the market.

Source: GSMInsider


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