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Stunning £6000 iXoost iPod Dock is Made From an F1 Car Exhaust

The iXoost iPod Dock is crafted from the exhaust pipe of a Formula 1 car; hence it’s extremely high price tag. Three versions are available; the 8-cylinder iXoost òt, 10-cylinder iXoost dês, or 12-cylinder iXoost dàdês. Each cylinder faces forward to pump out the sound, towering over your docked iPod or iPhone.

Standing at around two feet wide, this is a pretty meaty dock. The base, which includes the dock connector, is made from one solid block of aluminium which has been machined in to a semi-circular shape to counter-balance the hefty exhaust pipes. Two schedoni leather-coated areas adorn the base, oozing class. Volume can be controlled using a scroll wheel located on the front of the dock.

Sound should be as impressive as the build quality, with the pipes being used to pump out the tunes, with four 70w amplifiers and a 140w subwoofer hidden inside. The dock itself will support the latest iPod and iPhone devices, although there’s no room for an iPad unfortunately.

The idea of creating such a beast was one shared between aircraft engineer Mirco Pecorari and the Panini sticker legend Matteo Panini. Each dock is hand crafted in Modena, Italy, and of course, they’re described in the most flamboyant ways possible. The company claims its new dock is “pleasure machine, coupling fine mechanical workmanship with the high-tuned nerves of a throbbing Formula One tailpipe” – Saucy.

The four-cylinder ‘ot’ model starts at €5,000, the five-cylinder ‘des’ model starts at €6,500, and the big bad six-cylinder ‘dades’ takes off at €8,000. You can customise your model, choosing exactly which exhaust pipe you want used to make your dock. There’s plenty on offer to please petrolheads, from a 1978 Ford Cosworth right through to the Ferrari F1.

However, with Apple rumoured to change the dock connector in its next generation of products, this could be a very costly spend that will be limited to use with older devices. Still, it’d be nice to look at.

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