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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Coming to Netflix

Building on the Netflix and Disney partnership, it’s been revealed that the streaming service will be the only place to find brand new episodes of the Star Wars animated series The Clone Wars.

Currently the deal for exclusive Netflix streaming of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars has only been announced for Netflix in the US and Canada, bringing the entire first five seasons as well as the upcoming sixth and final season, along with an original Lost Missions series.

The Clone Wars bridges the void between Star Wars prequel Episodes II and III and highlights have included a feature-length debut episode and the return of Sith Lord Darth Maul. We wait in anticipation to hear news that we’ll get the same interstellar addition to the Netflix UK line-up.

When Netflix joined forces with The Walt Disney Company a little while back we foresaw some exciting potential changes to the streaming service’s line-up. Since the team-up came together we’ve discovered that a number of Netflix exclusives would be launched and so far these have included a selection of superheroes spin-offs spawning from another Disney property, Marvel Studios, and these fan favourites will soon be adapted as TV shows.

With Netflix, Disney and the Star Wars franchise all in one place finally the circle is complete. Well, it’s more like a triangle. But you hopefully get the point of the reference!

Netflix viewers may also be interested to know that the service has renewed its popular original series
House of Cards for a second season today and 13 new episodes of the drama starring Hollywood star Kevin Spacey are available for streaming on Netflix UK, US and Canada. 

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