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Star Wars Angry Birds Cloud City Update Coming Soon With New Levels and Boba Fett!

We’ve been hanging on for more Angry Birds Star Wars since completing the last wave of levels back in January and now Rovio has teased a new update, featuring none other than the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunter – Boba Fett!

Having escaped from the snowy battlefield of Hoth and battling Mynock Piggies in the belly of a giant asteroid-dwelling worm those rebellious Angry Birds are now ready to seek refuge in Cloud City – our next destination in the Empire Strikes Back episode of the Star Wars spin-off game. But as fans of the movies will know this is not a most perfect pit-stop and our heroes have been lured into a trap (yes, it’s a trap!)

Queue an army of expendable Storm trooper Pigs who are back to be bashed, and this time they are not alone. Leading the charge is the notorious Mandalorian manhunter, Boba Fett who has been hired to capture Red Bird Luke Skywalker, Yellow Bird Han Solo, and Pink Princess Leia and return them to the villainous Vader. And we’re pretty sure this one won’t end well, as recently Rovio leaked a teaser for this instalment featuring a Han Solo Bird frozen in carbonite!

The new reveal trailer (which is an MTV Geek exclusive) shows the lavish new location, with plenty of platforms and new obstacles to tackle with an armoured Piggie-Fett using his signature rocket pack to hinder our feathery friends – who can now utilise blowing air vents to change trajectories for more effective attacks.

20 new levels will be included in the Angry Birds Star Wars Cloud City pack but there is yet to be a release date for the Android and Apple iOS app update. We’ll use the Force to bring you this information when it surfaces!

If you have Angry Birds Star Wars or any of the other games downloaded on your gadget you’ll now be able to enjoy a weekly episode of Angry Birds Toons which is available now in-app!

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