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Samsung Watchphone Device Incoming

Samsung has been pretty much the front runner in the wearable market of late, even having wearables either on release or already out before this whole thing started. But now it seems, after a rumor that the company was making a smartwatch with its own SIM card, that the company is close to revealing the first standalone smartphone/smartwatch hybrid, or something in between.

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We’ve seen concepts of the watch in patent filings, and seen the rumored device dubbed as the Samsung Gear Solo. The patent drawings seemed to point to the device being a round faced watch, complete with a camera in the strap, a new and never before seen feature in the exciting cutting edge world of the wearable.

This was the first thing that Android fans over at Korean newspaper The Chosen Ilbo (awesome, awesome name for a newspaper, well done Korea) cottoned onto, because normally Android Wear devices don’t come with a camera, meaning that this standalone device will most likely use Tizen, Samsungs own homebrewed mobile OS which is designed to emulate Android without Google’s questionable ethics. The Wall Street Journal also backed this one up in a recent report.

Illustrations in a recent Samsung patent provided clues on the upcoming watchphone, such as that wrist camera and of course the round face.

Other speculation includes that this ‘watchphone’ will be able to do everything your smartphone will be able to do. The rumors have it that the device will have the standard SIM card, cellular radio and service plan of a phone, and will be able to call, text, send, receive etc in the same way as current smartphone devices, all from your wrist.

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Samsung has an event planned for the 3rd of September, so we’ll probably see what all the fuss is about on or closer to the date. The one thing we do know is that the watch is slated for announcement by multiple sources, and although no concrete evidence exists as of yet, the hubbub seems to have the big tech outlets adamant that we’ll see the device on the 3rd. Watch this space, we’ll have all the info as it rolls off the presses.

Source: The Chosen Ilbo

Via: Sammy Hub


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