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Spotify signs up with universal in Spotify US Deal?

It’s looking set that the music streaming service Spotify is soon to be tackling the US, and with this rumours are abound stating that Spotify has inked a deal with major record label Universal to use its catalogue of music.

Tech website All Things Digital is claiming that Spotify has signed an American distribution deal with Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music label. This means that the streaming music company now has U.S. deals in place with three of the four largest labels, making it likely that Spotify will finally be able to move across the Atlantic this summer.

Spotify already has deals with Sony and Emi, leaving only Warner Music who are not involved and Spotify has all of the biggest music studios.

It has been rumoured that Spotify are getting ready to enter the lucrative US market for some time, but with Apple announcing its iCloud service it would seem that Spotify has sped up its plans a little bit.

Spotify will offer free and premium music streaming services which will rival Apple’s iTunes and iCloud services, as well as the Amazon Cloud Drive and Music Beta by Google.

Will Spotify succeed in the US? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our Faceboook Page!

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