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Spotify Delivers Gapless Song Playback & Crossfade to Streaming Service on PC & Mac

Spotify upgrades roll out from today on PC and Mac, delivering some much desired new features to the online streaming audio platform – including new tweaks to the friends list, favourites section and offline mode – and most notably, gapless playback and crossfade between our playlist and album tracks.

If you happen to listen to be keen on your musicals, like some banging DJ mixes or getting immersed in the experience of a live album, this new addition is an essential. No more sudden pauses to kill the momentum of the music. Unless of course you’re a free user, you’ll still get those annoying ads harping up every couple of songs, but you will get much less interrupted track streaming. For those who like to mix things up a little you can now also add crossfade to your playlist tracks blending one tune to the next in a mash-up stylee.

Company Vice President of Products, Gustav Söderström Gustav says of Spotify’s latest improvements “Whether you’re listening to Wagner’s Gotterdammerung or The Wonders of the Deep by The Chemical Brothers, this latest update will make Spotify better than ever before”. He adds enthusiastically “It’s time to get the party started.”

Boasting over 15-million tracks and social integration via Facebook this kind of constant evolution and response to user requested requirements is keeping Spotify at its top spot as the online leader of streaming music.

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