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Spoiler Free Game of Thrones Book and TV Series App coming to iPhone/iPad

Fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series are currently in the second half of a painful 9 month wait for the next series of the Excellent Fantasy show that seems to have the world gripped in the battles between Lannister, Stark, Baratheon and Greyjoy but for those who want to go just a little bit further on with the Series a new Companion App is to be launched by developers Random House.

With the TV series being based on a the A Song of Ice and Fire books where creator George R.R. Martin has created a huge universe full of history, lands and characters that sometimes it’s too hard to follow.

The App will feature information on both the Books and the TV series so fans will be able to read up on both the literary and the slightly altered TV series stories. Additionally there is an anti-spoiler functionality which means followers of the TV series won’t be able to spoil anything for themselves… for Book Fans this may account for a certain incoming Rouge Wedding!

The App launched last Tuesday and the basic app is free for iPhone and iPad and provides two main maps and biographies for the first books eight main characters. You will then be able to download additional add ones for each book at a price. The complete collection will hold information on over 540 characters and 380 places that are in the ASOIAF universe.

Last year an Official Harpers Collins companion App was released for the book series and it gained much criticism from fans for its heavy spoilers to the TV series, but with the TV series currently only 2 series into a 7 Book series there is bound to be lots of information to spoil.

There is no news on a dedicated Android App version but there is reportedly a Nook tablet version of the App coming soon.

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