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Spiderpodium: A Flexible & Safe Support for Smartphones, Tablets & Other Gadgets

Your GH bloggers first spotted this one at the Gadget Show Live back in April and now it seems the web of the Spiderpodium has spread and this very innovative, versatile and simple-to-use stand for most all of your devices is becoming quite a hit online!

A number of web sources have recently got onto the Spiderpodium trend and if you’re unfamiliar with this most unusual of gadget holsters we’ll give you the rundown. The stand comes in two sizes: a pocket-sized podium suitable for smartphones, media players, handheld games consoles, Sat Navs, cameras and e-readers – and a larger version especially for safely supporting tablets computers.

Both models feature a common hand-like design and look like something that could have been found on the recent Mars mission! With a tough skeleton made of flexible premium grade steel the Spiderpodium provides a mouldable form that can be shaped for all of those aforementioned uses in an endless number of positions and angles. And the skin is grippy enough not to let your device drop but also features a soft touch to make sure no harm is done to your precious Nexus 7 tablet, iPhone or Galaxy SIII!

Both can be purchased in a range of colours through www.breffo.com – the website of its inventor with the smaller Spiderpodium costing £14.95 and the Spiderpodium Tablet costing £24.95.

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