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UPDATE: SOPA Stopped After Web-wide Protests – The Internet is Free (..For Now)

SOPA – the impending “Stop Online Piracy Act”, which led to a global online protest last week by web-users and many respected websites, has been stopped in its tracks by the US law makers.

SOPA, if enforced, threatened to blackout the internet, blocking and restricting the sharing of copyrighted files, data and free information both hosting and third party “trafficking” which would affect our use of everything from YouTube to Facebook. It looked to be a very dark time for the web, so in retaliation a number of information and file-sharing sites, even Google itself went “dark” censoring its logo as many site did their own content – to show what life would be like if SOPA bill became passed. The internet was in uproar, but with the agreement this weekend to introduce the act lacking by 60 senate votes (the committee has 100), and in “light of recent events”, finally the US Government has agreed to push back the date when it would be considered if SOPA became widespread law.

It’s believe the protests are behind the sudden turn of events regarding the copyright infringement scourge, but a massive scale attack by hacker group Anonymous on Thursday may also have contributed, just a little. The mischievous troupe took out a number of high profile networks for the music and movie industry such as Universal Music and bodies which handle copyrighted media including the Recording Industry Association of America and Motion Picture Association of America. Anonymous also took out the US Copyright Office, the US Department of Justice and the Utah Chiefs of Police Association – this in response to the banning of file-share site Megaupload and arrest of its founders. It was believe Anonymous would then turn its attention to the FBI.

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