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Sony’s Next Generation Portable – focus on digital content

Sony’s NGP Next-Gen gaming gadget itself was announced at a Tokyo press conference back in January, but what about the most important part… The games!

Much like the PSP Go, Sony hope that digital content will be the key to success of the Next Generation Portable.

Alongside downloadable and accessible multimedia many games will appear in digital format, this giving the full gaming experience and access to exciting new games while on the move with no need for physical copies used with the portable games system.

Actual hard copies for the NGP will however be available in the form of flash cards, but Sony are striving for less clutter on store shelves and more easily-accessible gaming at the touch of a button from its Playstation Store and this will allow for what Sony are referring to as “creative risk-taking” for its games developers.

The Playstation Store does allow for gamers to grab any game from a massive selection, but with no physical copy obviously Sony operate an “all sales are final” policy. Meaning anything purchased by the gamer, which is then found not to their liking, they’re basically stuck with or they just have to delete it, losing the game and being left out of pocket. Stepping away from retailers may not be such a great idea after all. No refunds, no trade-ins, just a big fail in an otherwise perfect idea.

More on the Sony Next Generation Portable and the first titles to download be released will become known at the E3 conference in June.

Are you PSP owner or portable gamer? Are you sold on the idea of downloadable games, or do you prefer to browse and buy in store? Let us know at the official Gadget Helpline Facebook Page!

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