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Facebook Users Can “Fast Forward” Launch of Next Sony Xperia Smartphone

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Sony has taken to the social web to generate a buzz for its next Xperia smartphone release – which we can make happen sooner by getting involved on Facebook!

The official Sony Mobile Facebook page now links to an app-based countdown page, featuring a timer and a big orange “Fast Forward” button. Liking the page, accepting the app and pushing the button you have helped bring the release date of the next Xperia mobile forward by seconds or minutes and by sharing with pals that time can be reduced further as more and more people hit the button a fast forward to the next Sony smartphone.

As well as pushing the release news forward those joining in on the phone fun can also take part in a competition which periodically awards contestants with prizes including their very own soon to be announced Sony Xperia handsets – which will be arriving even sooner if we all pull together! At time of writing the launch is 10 days away, with 14 hours and 16 minutes already being dropped by the 2561 Facebook users who have helped the cause!

It’s a clever idea and a great way for Sony to capitalise on their social media relationship. And if you’re a fan of the current Xperia line-up, including the Xperia U, Xperia P and the impressive Xperia S which was released in March (all packing the all-new Android update 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) then the Gadget Helpline thinks you’ll want to see what’s coming next!


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