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Sony Shuts Down Another PS Vita Service – Destiny of Spirits to End in June

After announcing it will be ending support for a few of its most used PS Vita apps Sony will now bring close to Destiny of Spirits – a popular free-to-play fantasy game that it launched just a year ago.

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The news broke on a Destiny of Spirits Player’s Information section of the Sony website where it was stated that support of the online social strategy game will come to an end for PS Vita players in Europe on April the 28th and Asia on April the 29th, finally followed by the United States on June the 30th. Access to the Destiny of Spirits game and use of Destiny Orbs, a scheme that requires real-life payments will both end on these dates.

The statement from the DoS development team in part reads: “Our goal when we released this title in March of last year was for players around the world to utilize the PlayStation Vita’s network capabilities for a fun, new game experience. The global response has been incredible, and we have achieved over one million downloads. We appreciate all your support.”

The team confirms that support will continue until the end of play and a Fan Appreciation Campaign featuring fan favourite bosses will be launched when a final game update for the Vita becomes available in the next month.

No reason was given as to why the decision has been made to bring an end Destiny of Spirits but the news follows Sony’s unexpected withdraw of support for some other PS Vita software including YouTube, Maps and the Near social gaming app. Basic PS Vita models with Wi-Fi only were recently spotted in Tesco stores for just £49 and with all considered it makes us wonder whether the portable platform’s longevity is in question after three years in service.

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  1. Destroyer of Dreams

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA this is hilarious. It finally happened. I’ve been sending e-mails to Sony since 2014 (beta) about how bad this game is and how it would fail. I pleaded for them to shut this garbage down before they started incurring MASSIVE losses. This kind of game is too ambitious, especially for a dead system like the Vita.

    LOL. “Free to play”? More like “Free to get wrecked”. I hope all you faggots that spent $5,000 on IAP (called “whales” in this F2P industry) and 500 hrs on this game learned a lesson.

    Get f*cking RUINED.

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