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Sony showcases its continued PS3 gaming support – The Last of Us, Beyond 2 Souls and GTA5 shown

Whilst this year’s E3 Sony conference has been focused  mainlyon the incoming PS4 console (check it out here!) Sony were keen to show their commitment to the existing PlayStation 3 console and its future. Sony has promised that in the 7th Christmas period for the PS3 they have “a game lineup today that rivals, or exceeds any of the previous year’s offerings” for the PS3.

Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, showcased a few of the big name titles still to come to the PS3 in the next year, starting off with the big one – the exceptionally highly rated, The Last of us, which looked incredible. With the game launching later this week, not a lot of new content was seen but it still looks amazing.

Next up, Puppeteer was shown off in a short video which looks like a fun high intensity platformer in the vein of Sony’s mega successful Little Big Planet.

Things then get a lot more serious with a short video showcasing Sony’s incoming Rain adventure game which looks simultaneously creepy and beautiful. Coming autumn 2013.

The serious notes continue with an extended look at Beyond 2 Souls which features the voices (and faces) of Hollywood a-listers Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. The footage showed a vigorous training regime for Page’s character and some engrossing gameplay. It’s like if Solid Snake was a girl!

Sony then went into its bag of tricks by showing a lengthy Gran Turismo 6 trailer, showcasing the stunning graphics and gameplay tweaks that makes the game the most realistic driving simulator in the world.

Onto the non-exclusive titles and Sony have done some work to tease users over to the Sony PS3 with Batman Arkham Origins and Grand Theft Auto 5 by promising exclusive content for those who play the game son the PS3 over the Xbox 360.

Arkham Origins users on the PS3 will get access to two exclusive skins for Batman, a 50’s TV series style Batman and a Nightfall Batman. GTA 5 will be released with an exclusive PS3 console bundle and a set of limited edition Pulse Elite headset.

Batman got an extended preview which looks amazing (with a guest appearance from the Joker!) ahead of the game’s release on October 25th, worldwide.

All the titles along with 300 others will be launched on the PS3 before the end of 2013, so Sony still has a lot of work to do. Either way, if you’re not convinced by the PS4 just yet then there’s no need to panic as Sony has your back for a good while yet.

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