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Sony PSN back Online… But only for Developers!

Good News:

The Sony Playstation network has gone live again!

Bad News:

Its only online for developers at the moment…

Yes Sony seems to be finally getting a grasp on the PSN Hack debacle by getting some form of a Network up for developers to get online and test the gaming platform.

Sony’s Neogaf Kagari has stated on the Sony community forum that “The internal PSN developer network is online again, at least it seems for some, although things are still a bit shaky at the moment such as lack of new account sign up.”

We are all awaiting the return of the Sony Playstation Network but Sony have not given any dates for its return, but with the service now being up for internal testing it’s sure to be a good sign that developers are finally getting a grip on what has turned out to be one of the worst hacks in the history of gaming.

Hopefully the service will be back over the next few days unlike the original assumption of the network being down until the 31st of May.

Sony has suffered greatly over the past 4 weeks with the PSN hack making headline news, slowing sales and especially the lack of revenue for Sony and games developers such as Activision and Eidos.

All we can hope is Sony get this sorted out ASAP and then get on with some form of compensation!

Check out our full Sony PSN hacking Incident Timeline and Perpetrators Update for the full Sony PSN story.

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  • Dude who still has a PS3

    Ok, well i might as well say what everyone is thinking. I doubt it is going to be back up tonight or tomorrow. I am a loyal ps3 owner. Every morning I check the PS blog. Then I check google news for the last 3 going on 4 weeks. This week has by far been the worst week. Sony has yet to tell us PSN users when the system will be back up. Also they have been very vague on what is actually happening. Well this week I was hoping for some releif of this nightmare for the PR people, but no Just one post on the Playstation Blog. I am a college student, my grades have fallen due to the fact that my normal routine has been messed up. No i don’t just play video games I do something that other gamers don’t do very much. That is exercise. To whom feel like trolling all over me. I know for a fact that I will be trolled cause I am the first to post. For anyone who still has a ps3 when this is all over my psn is hidengo09. Hope to see everyone online soon.

  • Morgsy

    I’m sorry to hear you still feel loyal to Sony, as you mentioned in you comment Sony no longer deserve your support or loyalty.
    Not just the fact they could not be bothered to protect your data but the total lack of information from the Sony communication team suggests a callous disregard for their customers. Even the developers got a letter offering more info if required.

    Sony you screwed us by not providing updates and there for screwed yourself.
    Clearly you have no respect for your customers and there for don’t deserve loyalty.

    I hope you go bust, I know I’ll never buy another Sony product as long as I live, just to be clear this has nothing to do with your total disregard for security or even your complete ignorance when it comes to repairing a gaming network. It comes from your total lack of customer updates, out of the thousands of staff you employ you could not even spare 1 person to provide daily updates, rubbish you just didn’t care about the millions of people waiting on this info.

  • Richfiles

    Part of me will be happy to be able to play LBP2, Borderlands, and Portal 2 coop…

    But another part of me will be sad when PSN comes back up. As a FORMER user of Other OS, I feel Sony deserved the low blow this has delivered. Sony sold me a product, and then crippled it, and then stole it from me after people tried to uncripple it.

    For all Sony’s past atrocities (anyone remember rootkits?), I have lost ALL TRUST for them. I won’t be buying the NGP or PS4. I can buy used games to satisfy the current generation. I can influence people’s purchases at the store I work at. I would easily bet I’ve steered over $10000 in customer sales to Nintendo and Microsoft. I know I’m not the only one.

    I want to see Sony hurt for their arrogance.

    I’m stuck with my ancient old Mac now cause Sony stole my nice Linux PC. If Sony can screw me, Then I’ll happily return the sentiment.

    I wouldn’t be offended at all if PSN was down for months… Just to spite Sony. I have a 360, Wii, and a 3DS, and they don’t require PSN OR Sony.