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Sony PSN down for 11 hours for scheduled maintenance on 7th November

Sony has announced yet another of its PlayStation Network updates, which will be coming to European PS3 users from 2pm (GMT) tomorrow, Thursday the 7th of November 2013. The update will run for a scheduled 11 hours and could see gamers not being able to access the PSN service for almost half a day.

The maintenance will apparently be finished by 1am on Friday the 8th of November.

The announcement was made on the official Playstation European community forums where Sony states:

“For the duration of the maintenance you will be unable to login to Account Management and the PS Store. PS Home will also be unavailable.”

“Online gameplay will be available to users who have recently signed into their SEN account and have their authentication details cached.”

What this means is that users who have not logged into their PSN account for a few days before hand may not have access to online gameplay during the period.

Sony states: “Users who do not have their details cached, will not be able to sign-in to their account or begin an online gaming session.”

Sony was also vague about the 1am finish on the 8th, stating; “There may be some additional downtime after the maintenance period for testing purposes so we wouldn’t suggest holding your breath for a dead-on 1am finish.

If you were not able to log on before the scheduled maintenance started then you will have to wait till the fixes are in place, unfortunately.

Sony will update us with what the maintenance was for once it is complete.

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