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Sony PS4 Gets Now TV / 3D Blu Ray Support Coming

Now TV on PS4

From today PS4 gamers can enjoy Now TV, the streaming video platform that brings together the best of Sky Movies, Sports and Entertainment into one app without need of a long term subscription with the service provider Sky or need of a connected set top box.

Now TV offers its range of popular Sky channels as individually paid for packages, so for example PS4 users who have the app will be able to buy one month of Entertainment for £4.99 in a ‘pay as you go’ type scheme. This will include channels such as Sky 1, Sky Living, Fox and MTV as well as kids fave Nickelodeon and the British home of Games of Thrones – Sky Atlantic. Other packages up for grabs include Sky Movies for £8.99 and Sky Sports for £9.99.

Sony’s PS4 is the first new generation console to offer Now TV to its gamers, but the broadcaster confirms that Xbox One owners won’t be left sitting pretty for long.

3D Blu Ray Support for PS4

Yes, it’s true. After some lengthy waiting Sony PS4 owners will soon be able to benefit from the full capability of their Blu Ray drive when support for 3D movies arrives in next week’s update to system software version 1.75.

Following suggestions made earlier by Sony Worldwide Studio boss Shuhei Yoshida, around the time of E3, that major changes were arriving, the company has now broke the news of this game changing addition which excitedly reads: “Coming next week: PS4 system software update 1.75 adds 3D Blu-ray film support. Woo-hoo!”

Apparently it would seem the PS4 is finally over its stability issues as there’s no need for reassurances this time suggesting more fixes are coming in 1.75 and we can maybe now focus on the fun stuff with 3D Blu Ray support and USB playback which may or may not arrive next week, but is another feature that Sony gamers are eagerly requesting.

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