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Sony PS4 now on sale for under £300 in the UK

Believe it or not, its nearly Christmas and with the build up to Christmas comes a fierce pricing battle between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo over the next Gen consoles, namely the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U respectively.

Sony have taken their step into the discount race today in the UK, as retailer GameStop has dropped the price of the PlayStation 4 to just £300 in UK which will surely start a price drop avalanche with major retailers in England.

A few months ago Xbox announced yet another Microsoft Xbox One discount which brought the console down to £330 in many of the major retailers in the UK, which placed the Xbox One at the same price point as the PS4.

The deal itself is for the new Glacier White Playstation 4 console on is now retaining for exactly £299.97 at GameStop. Hitting the homepage will see the console displayed at £329.97, but once you click on the PS$ deal you will see the white console priced at £299.97.

It’s a Friday, so we expect that by Monday next week that either rival retailers will have updated their pricing, or that GameStop will have sold out of their stock.

Either way it’s a bargain price, which can only be beaten by GAME for one of their pre owned PS 4 consoles which retail for £290.

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