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Sony PS4 Pre-order stock SOLD OUT in the UK

A number of UK retailers which had been offering the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 are no longer able to guarantee first day delivery after initial stock of one of this year’s must-have Christmas items has now sold out.

Since the full PS4 reveal at the E3 expo in June, console players have been paying retailers such as Amazon and Toys R Us the £349 fee to ensure they get the impressive piece of gaming gear when it gets released later in the year. With the first batch of Sony’s latest and greatest expected for delivery around November/December, late-comers may find that pre-sale stocks have now depleted with “sold out” signs appearing everywhere and the retailers are no longer able to fulfil any more starting day orders until further notice.

VHS rental store turned entertainment retailer Blockbuster recently reported a PS4 pre-order ‘spike’ following Sony’s outing on the biggest stage of the gaming calendar and this has now been proven by the empty virtual shelves. Xbox One, on the other hand, still appears in plentiful supply despite Microsoft’s turnaround on a number of its console’s restrictions which had gamers emptying their pockets to Sony early on.

If you were lucky enough to bag yourself one of the first PS4 consoles we’re sure you’ll want to know what your £349 will get you and Sony has now released all the technical details as well as an inventory of what we’ll be expecting to find in the box when it arrives towards the end of the year (Toys R Us quoting December 13th). Take a peak in the box in the Gadget Helpline’s previous article.

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