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Sony Playstation Network (PSN/SEN) Offline for 13 Hours Today for Maintenance

Playstation gamers may notice the absence of their beloved online network today, which may envoke some haunting memories – but please, don’t panic! Sony has stated that a period of 13 hours – starting at around 2pm London time – will be required to run some “scheduled maintenance” and all will be well a good when the service resumes.

 This maintenance will mean that popularly used gaming sections of the Sony Entertainment Network (formerly Playstation Network) will be inaccessible including the Playstation Home, the Playstation Store and online play including account management for both Playstation 3 and PS Vita owners.

Continuous updates will be provided through the Playstation Twitter to keep us reassured that everything is going as planned as well aswhen we can expect the network to resume.

Playstation gamers will painfully remember that it was around this time in 2011 that the PSN fell to a hacker attack and the service went into “maintenance” until the horrifying truth was revealed. We detailed the timeline of events which saw the Playstation Network shamed one year ago.

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