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Sony Launches Reader PRS-T2 eReader with Evernote Cloud Storage

Sony has stepped up the dedicated eReader game by announcing its latest Sony Reader PRS-T2 with cloud storage and a more powerful battery that is looking set to take on the Amazon Kindle as the dedicated eReader of choice.

Sony’s first Reader device, the PRS-T1, was released in 2011 and shared many similar features to Amazon’s own Kindle devices including E-Ink display and touch screen capabilities, but Sony has stepped up its next iteration of the reader by this time adding cloud storage capabilities.

Sony has added Evernote and has integrated the service into the Sony Reader PRS-T2, which will enable users to highlight favourite bits of text from eBooks and store them in the cloud as a virtual reference point. Customers can then use the Evernote service to upload articles online and store them to be retrieved by your Sony Reader from the cloud, or on a PC or smart device.

The PRS-T2  will have the same 6-inch E-Ink display using Pearl technology, which utilises features such as pinch-and-pull text zooming. The Sony Reader also has 2GB of onboard storage, with the addition of a MicroSD card slot where you can expand storage up to 32GB.

You can also search text using Wikipedia or Google, so if you get stuck on a word or want more info you can connect online immediately via Wi-Fi.

Additionally, the Sony Reader PRS-T2 will come with a free voucher for the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, for a limited time only.

The Sony Reader PRS-T2 is available in red, white and black as of August 17th from www.sony.co.uk and Sony Centres across the UK, with no word on pricing.

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