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Sony Ericsson officially announces Mix Walkman and txt pro

You may remember that Sony Ericsson ran a competition on Facebook to find some phone reviewers on the social networking site, and in the process showed off some new handsets which winners would get their hands on and review before anyone else.

Left: txt pro Right: Mix Walkman

Well today, Sony Ericsson has now officially announced these two new handsets which are the Mix Walkman and txt pro.

So, let’s take a look at the Mix Walkman, it certainly has a similar appearance to the Xperia Mini, but be assured this phone is purely dedicated to the Walkman experience. This is why you get some new interesting features, such as the Zappin button which will automatically jump to and preview the chorus of the next song (which in most cases is usually the most interesting part of a song).  Also, if you consider yourself to be a bit of a singer, the Mix Walkman also has a karaoke mode which will suppress the vocals in a song to allow you to sing along to your favourite tracks.

Looking at other features of the Mix Walkman, it features a 3” WQVGA screen, 3.2MP camera, Wi-Fi, and also has changeable bands allowing you to personalise the phone if you wish.

The txt pro has social networking integration in mind and comes with a new “Friends” application which will allow you to glance at the Facebook and Twitter updates from five of your friends.  In terms of the tech spec, it’s very similar to the Mix Walkman, although also has a four-row QWERTY keypad as well.

Both devices are entry-level and only support 2G, although do have Wi-Fi connectivity. They’re expected to start shipping in Q3 this year, unfortunately there’s no information about pricing yet though.

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