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Sony deliver free Q Music Unlimited service to Playstation Network

Still clinging onto that Playstation 3 after the spate of Fails by Sony’s security a month or so back? It still hurts a little doesn’t it..? But Sony are further trying to ease those memories by offering the Q Music Unlimited streaming media service to PSN users – completely free-of-charge for 180 days.

Up until now a limited trial of the former Qriocity – now Q Music Unlimited – lasting only 30 days was available to Sony gamers, but now in wake of the troubles suffered by Playstation faithful over the past couple months, Sony has extended and expanded on the deal.

PS3 owners aged 18+ can simply log in to their PSN account, selecting the Music Unlimited service. Grab that app and have instant and free access to around 7 million music tracks, the opportunity to sync between PC and Playstation library and a large selection of music channels to browse and enjoy in full, in a range of differing genres.

The Music Unlimited deal is up for grabs now for Playstation Network users in the United Kingdom, as well as European countries France, Spain and Italy.

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