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Sony is Building a VAIO Chromebook, Pictures Leak from FCC

It’s been a while since we heard any noise from the Chromebook market – the first wave of netbooks running Google’s simple cloud-based Chrome OS launched last year but didn’t seem to really take off.

However, that doesn’t stop manufacturers beavering away at new products to run Google’s OS. Sony seems to have plans to launch its own Chromebook, complete with the company’s VAIO laptop branding.

A pre-production VAIO Chromebook stopped by at the FCC – that’s the American authority for checking electrical devices, who ensure they’re suitable for market – and was fortunately captured on camera several times. GSMArena posted the pictures earlier today; along with the model number VCC111.

Snaps of the laptop’s profile view show it has plenty on offer in the connectivity department, with two USB ports, an SD Card reader, HDMI out, Microphone in and line out connections.

However, the innards of the VCC111 are still an uncertainty. We know that the screen is 11.6-inches in size – much like other Chromebooks – and the panel itself is made by Samsung. As for the processing power and storage; the device is rumoured to have 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal flash storage space and an Nvidia Tegra 250 1.2GHz ARM processor. Connectivity comes in the form of Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth, and we’re currently unsure if there will be a 3G version of this particular product made available, as some other manufacturers have done.

The Sony VCC111 could launch within the next month or so for around £300, and will be up against rival Chromebooks from established manufacturers such as Samsung and Acer.

Would a Sony VAIO take on the Chromebook tempt you to try out Google’s Chrome OS?

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Via: GSMArena

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