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Sony Blu-Ray players coming packed with extras including Skype chat

Details have emerged of Sony’s new Blu-Ray players and along with a whole host of inbuilt gimmicks the home entertainment gadgets will keep us well-connected with the inclusion of popular voice and video chat service Skype.

The first two Blu-Ray players, titled BDP-S780 and BDV-L600 respectively, will come fully HD-ready with capability for not only 3D play but also 2D-to-3D conversion. Equipped with BRAVIA internet video services this provides access to on-demand services such as LoveFilm and iPlayer. A docking port is included for your Sony iPod, and the Blu-Ray players will be controllable via other Sony gadgets such as the iPod and iPhone.

The Skype feature will allow viewers to hook up their webcam to either of the Sony Blu-Ray players, and talk with friends and family via their television through the internet connection and will work much the same as the desktop version.

Cutting-edge home entertainment is covered and communication and chat a key feature – stick a Playstation in it and there’s a selling point here for everyone!

If Sony really wants our attention when it comes to Blu-Ray – they’ve got it. Launch date and prices details hopefully coming soon..

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