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Sony Announces PS3 Price Slash – £199 and £249 in the UK

Sony announced a global price cut for the Playstation 3 Slim console yesterday at the Gamescom event, and now the all-important UK price cuts have been announced.

Sony’s new RRPs for the 160GB and 320GB models are £199 and £249 respectively, though most retailers have already announced deals to get you more PS3 goodies for your money.

Game and Gamestation will be offering a further price cut to £179 or £229 on each console when you buy any pre-owned game to go with it. You can quite easily pick up a pre-owned PS3 game for a tenner, making a 160GB Slim PS3 and pre-owned game £189 – still saving you £10 on the standalone cost of the console.

By far the best deal again comes from Game: Buy the 250GB Slim console with any three of the following games; Ferrari Challenge, FIFA 11, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, for the same £249 price of the console itself.

Elsewhere in the world, the 320GB model will cost $249, €249 and 24,980 Yen in the U.S, Europe and China respectively.

Do the price cuts and bundle deals make the PS3 a more attractive prospect? Let us know if you’ll be hopping on the Playstation bandwagon!

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Via: Eurogamer

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