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Social Site Reddit Raises $55,000 For Sick Boy In Just One Week

The social internet can be a somewhat dark place at times. It’s become our most powerful tool of communication but it has always bore a somewhat shady taint. It’s not all bad, however – and on occasion some truly inspirational things can emerge. Read on..

You may have heard of, or even use the social news site reddit. It’s growing in popularity and allows users like you or I to submit content such as general life and local happenings and well as sports and causes in a variety of topics, which are then distributed worldwide through the online tabloid. So influential is reddit to the web-browsing community, that it recently helped gain $55,000 for a seriously sick child.

The boy’s relative published photos and the story of his ill nephew Lucas Gonzalez on reddit’s Assistance section, telling of how the lad of only 3-years old is suffering from a disorder called Hyper IGM Syndrome which means he is incredibly prone to infections and if he catches one this could put his life at risk. He went on to tell how a doctor had advised the family to seek a bone marrow transplant for Lucas, but this was an expensive procedure costing $50,000 – made all the more expensive by a necessary move to from their home in Florida to North Carolina.

The reddit publication by registered user ‘ironyx’ was posted a week ago today and included an image gallery of the highly spirited youngster holding signs explaining his condition as well as a photo of the doctor’s recommendation of the procedure. Within just 12 hours of the article going live on the website a staggering social outpouring saw to it that $31,000 had been donated to Luca’s plight. By December 6th over $55,000 had been offered up – more than paying for the crucial operation and getting the Gonzalez family on their way to a more suitable location to see their boy’s treatment through to completion.

So overjoyed and thankful was Lucas’ Father Luis that he pledged to have reddit’s mascot robot tattooed over his heart as a thanks to the thousands who contributed in essentially saving his son’s life.

Check out Lucas’ story on reddit.

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