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Skype WiFi is now on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – Try it free!

Skype has launched a WiFi app for Apple’s iOS-based gadgets, offering wireless internet connection through a host of worldwide hotspots on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for the first time.


Formerly Skype Access, the newly renamed Skype WiFi can be accessed in over 1-million locations across the globe and callers use their Skype Credit to pay only for the minutes they use, with fees starting at just 4p per minute with unlimited data uploads/downloads.

The Skype WiFi app is now available through the App Store, and can be downloaded to your iOS device and existing users can sign in with their Skype account name and password, just as they would usually. Its simple-to-use interface lets you skip from online to offline at a touch – No fuss.

Over the weekend of Saturday, 20th August and Sunday, 21st August, Apple/Skype users worldwide can make the most of 60 minutes call time free-of-charge when the app goes live through the App Store.  

The Skype Big Blog goes into more details of the service and the free weekender. Worth checking out if you’re an Apple fan who likes your internet on the move!

A list of those Skype WiFi hotspots can be found at skype.com/go/skypewifi

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