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Skype Issues Hotfix Update to Kill Messaging Bug

Skype has issued a new emergency update to its service after reports of a messaging bug in the app, which sends out unwanted messages to contacts within your Skype application.

An “emergency hotfix” has been issued for the service which should stop the bug in its tracks. The bug itself reportedly sends parts of Skype IM conversations onto completely unrelated users.

Skype admitted to the bug a few days ago, stating that based on recent Skype customer community posts and our their own investigations over the past couple of days, they had identified a bug that would be worked on to fix.

“Although we cannot determine precisely how many users may have been affected by this error, we believe the number is small given the very specific circumstances under which the error occurs.”

The bug itself is only limited to users who are running versions 5.10 for Windows, 5.8 for Mac, 4.0 for Linux, and 1.2 for Windows Phone, with iOS and Android users unaffected, so if you have a slightly older version of Skype you can breathe easy.

To check your Skype version simply open Skype, click Help, then click About, and if you have one of the dreaded bug software eversions you can download a new “fixed” version of Skype by clicking here.

Skype does also advise to download the latest update anyway just to clear out any issues that may be hidden in the app.

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