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Skype distribute update for Windows following Thursday’s “downtime”

Skype has now pushed out a Windows update for the VoIP service which suddenly went AWOL yesterday afternoon.

The Gadget Helpline got the fix and showed you how to get your Skype back on track by removing the “shared.xml” file which was causing the software to kick users out of their conversations and cause error messages when trying to log-in again.

Skype has claimed the process to be “fairly technical” so an official solution is now being administered through the website and requests users reinstall a new glitch free version of the chat and video call software for Windows – with a Mac fix stated to follow tomorrow. Mobile Skype users seem to be unaffected by the difficulties

A Windows fail by Skype is an embarrassing start to the Microsoft/Skype relationship – but they were quick to act and hopefully we’ll get no further troubles!

Read the official word on yesterday’s “downtime” on Skype’s website – where you can also grab that update for Windows.

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