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Skype has announced a new messaging app: Skype Qik


Skype have been known for their long haul video calls and messaging service for a long time now, and have done very little in the way of change up until now. Noticing the popularity of Snapchat and Whatsapp, Skype have announced a new app known as Skype: Qik.

Available on smartphones only, Qik is a fast video messaging service allowing users to send and receive short video clips up to 42 seconds long that get deleted after 2 weeks.

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Following the fast paced lifestyle most young people lead, Piero Sierra, Skype’s Director of Product Management told Pocket-Lint “Young people expect light, fast, and always on communication systems, the way people communicate has changed,”

Skype Qik is only to be used on one device as it is associated with their SIM number and only lets you video message rather than type. It also allows you to film pre-recorded replies for those times when it just wouldn’t be acceptable to start filming yourself – like at school or out to lunch with granny for example.

Compared to Skype’s main app the newer Qik app is much smaller, faster and lighter on resources, meaning people who may not want to take the time to load it up, sign in and then start the conversation will have an opportunity to get started much faster than they would doing it using the standard Skype app.

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Video messages are shared near enough instantaneously; the messages are typically only around 2MB in size and the app doesn’t feature a preview option. It also gives you the chance to delete a video from your phone or to delete it from the person you’ve sent it to if it was just too ugly to share!

No doubt the proof will be in the pudding and whether or not the app will stand the test of time or drown in the pools of other apps offering similar services.

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