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Skype to Ad-Bomb Non Credit Paying Video Chatters

Free users of face-to-face video chat software Skype may soon start finding something else popping up on screen, when the Microsoft-owned company starts introducing intrusive advertising graphics during calls.

Akin to Spotify’s audio advertisement that offends our ears just as we spongers are getting into the latest trendy album gratis through the streaming music software, Skype will also begin ad-bombing our ‘face time’ with mates if we aren’t paying up through the paid Skype credits scheme – thus throwing up “conversation ads” or promotion for third party products with the hope we’ll start talking about what’s trying to be sold, rather than how annoying it is to be rudely interrupted by them.

We think the biggest winner will be Skype, who’ll surely be raking in the credits from users just desperate to get rid of the animated adverts which are set to cover not just a small area of your screen, like those on some YouTube videos – but the whole video viewing portion of the interface. It’s also worth noting that Skype will track you down and record your location as you chat, but this is purely to provide geo-appropriate and relevant advertisements. How kind.

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