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Sky Go UK Arriving On Android February 22nd

You may have read our blog article a few weeks ago informing you that the popular Sky Go app will finally make an appearance on the Android OS.

The Sky Go app has been available for a quite a while now for iOS devices, and has proven to be very popular amongst iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. While iOS customers have been sitting happy, Android customers have been patiently waiting for some time to hear news from Sky regarding when an Android version of the app would be available. Now after waiting a considerable time, no doubt when the announcement was made a few weeks ago by Sky that customers using Android devices would soon be able to experience the same luxury’s that iOS users have had, I’m sure customers were jumping for joy.

Now, when Sky made the announcement they said that the app would be available by the end of February although didn’t give an exact date. Well, the folk over at Tech Radar have it from an insider working closely on the Android version of the app who says that it will be launching on the 22nd of February.

It’s no secret that the reason Sky had taken so long for the app to appear on the Android OS was due to the fragmentation of the open-source platform, which made interoperability between different devices difficult to achieve. Therefore, Sky have said that on launch day the app will only be available for a selection of Android devices. These are the HTC Desire, Desire S, Desire HD, Incredible S, the HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Galaxy S II. Don’t panic though, Sky have said that other devices will be added to the list soon after being launched.

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