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Sky Go summer update: New channels, new look, Sky Go Extra free to Multiroom customers

Sky has revealed its big plans for a major overhaul of the popular catch-up and on-demand service Sky Go, which it says will come in to play this summer.

The update will firstly bring about a major redesign, on the web service and on all mobile apps. Whilst Sky isn’t yet giving us a glimpse of how it looks, it promises that the new design will make things easier when it comes to navigating around the apps, finding content and viewing. It’ll be easier to pick out the stuff you want to watch, too, because image thumbnails for shows and movies will be larger and easier to see on smaller screen devices.

Sky’s Xbox app will also be looked at and given a fresh lick of paint to bring the app in line with Microsoft’s new design style – think Windows 8, Metro interface with colourful tiles.

In addition to the new look, Sky will add four new on-demand channels for all users to benefit from. These include Fox, Universal and SyFy, all of which will be accessible via Sky’s On Demand services. Finally, if you’re a subscriber then the recently added Disney content will also become available.

Finally, Sky Go Extras will become free to Sky Multiroom subscribers as part of the update. This service will link up with your Sky account to allow you to browse content and download shows for viewing offline whenever you want, on multiple devices. To get it set up you’ll need to log in to your Sky account online and choose to add the Sky Go Extra service, and from there it’s all linked up.

Sky says it hopes to start rolling out the update next month, though there’s no word on whether it will all land at once or on individual platforms on a one at a time basis.

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