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SIM-Free Nokia Lumia 800 Now Coming to UK December 1st

Those who ordered the Nokia Lumia 800 SIM-Free may have been left disappointed when the phone was released recently, as the release date for the handset with no contract ties was pushed back until January 2012.

Good news has recently landed in The Gadget Helpline’s mailbox, as popular UK phone retailer Clove Technology has just confirmed that stock will be available in the UK as of December 1st.

UK customers will be able to pre-order the phone right now, with stock shipping from Clove as of December 1st. The phone is available in Black (Cyan and Magenta versions will be sold at a later) for £442.80, which we think is a pretty reasonable price given the specifications this phone packs.

The Nokia Lumia 800 has caused a stir in the mobile phone industry, with Nokia launching a huge advertising campaign to increase awareness of their first smartphone to feature Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 software. The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer recently hosted a huge 4D outdoor concert in London featuring Deadmau5 performing live to advertise the phone.

Last year Nokia realised its sales were slipping, and their range of Symbian software-based devices just weren’t cutting it against the likes of Apple’s iPhone and the widening range of Android smartphones on the market. Later in the year the company entered a strategic partnership with Microsoft, the fruits of which have just started to be seen with the Lumia 800.

The Lumia 800 features a clear, sharp and vivid Super AMOLED touchscreen, soft touch unibody design and a fantastic 8-Megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens.

You can also pick up the Lumia 800 on contract on most UK networks right now, with the handset coming free on contracts starting at around £35. However, if you’re like The Gadget Helpline and like to keep your options open when it comes to network choice, then the SIM-Free version is for you.

You can place your pre-order from Clove right now.

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Source: Clove Blog

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