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Selfie Stick Insanity Births the “Selfie Spoon”

Brace yourself for a clash of two of the most annoying forces in the social networking age: the selfie stick and the food-related post – yes, someone’s gone there and invented the “Selfie Spoon”.

Basically the contraption looks exactly like what your nightmares might barf up – a gaudy purple selfie stick, capable of holding a smartphone and remotely taking photos from up to 30 inches away (not far enough for our liking) and on the other end a metal spoon – a tool traditionally used for eating a variety of typically liquidy food types. The two should not be one. But horrifyingly they are.

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The tongue-in-cheek (or spoon-in-cheek) gimmick is the creation of American cereal brand Cinnamon Toast Crunch and a website has been set up offering the selfie spoon for free (bar the cost of shipping). Despite the surrealism of the cereal shovel, on the surface it all seems legit.

The site hosts a product description page and an ordering/checkout system with an actual PayPal button and everything. But when out of curiosity we tried to proceed with a purchase we’re informed that too many items (1) are in our basket and we cannot proceed (also we later discovered the item is not available outside of the U.S and is currently ‘unavailable’.)

We’d be interested in hearing from anyone who was successful in ordering the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Selfie Spoon, if it is in fact real – mainly to ask why.

Source: cinnamontoastcrunch.myshopify.com

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