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The SDK ports continue as Ice Cream Sandwich hits the Xperia X10

So as we move closer to the release of the Galaxy Nexus and the Holy Grail for Android developers, – the Ice Cream Sandwich source code – developers remain hard at work with the small piece of ICS, including the software developer kit (SDK).

The latest in the list of handsets getting some chilly Ice Cream Sandwich love is the Xperia X10, a handset left behind by Sony Ericsson. Some thought it was going to be left in the dark ages with Android version 2.1 (Eclair) after Sony Ericsson decided it would not get the Froyo update. They did however backtrack and decide that the device was worthy of Gingerbread, although the update was lagging far behind competitors.

With its locked bootloader, the device was a nightmare for developers, and a workaround had to be found to boot custom ROMs or Kernels. The bootloader was however unlocked with some clever hacking wizardry that I couldn’t even begin to comprehend.

This did however open up the handset for its next stage in development, as this is certainly something that will not be given by Sony Ericsson themselves, an Android 4.0 update.

What we have so far is an SDK port where the OS seems to be running, but the touch screen is not working. As with all SDK ports, they will always be buggy, but as soon as the source code is released the fun will begin. And when that happens you can bet that almost every Android device will be running the new OS, whether it meets the minimum specs or not.

You can check out the ICS port to the X10 here.

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