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Samsung unveils new budget Galaxy Ace Style smartphone to rival the Moto G

Samsung has unveiled its latest Android running  smartphone to the world in the form of the Galaxy Ace Style. With the market saturated with Phablets and high end, high spec phones, Samsung couldn’t have announced the new Galaxy Ace Style at a better time. With Motorola’s share of the market thriving thanks to the reasonably priced Moto G smartphone, the launch of the Galaxy Ace Style comes conveniently close to the increase in competition and Samsung’s reported second successive quarterly drop in profits.

The Galaxy Ace Style arrives with a 4inch 480×800 LCD touchscreen running Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat and a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, backed up by 512MB of RAM. It is skinned with Samsung’s Touchwiz user interface, with the company offering a “light, simplified user experience“. Samsung states the ‘unique look and a light, simplified user experience’ is aimed at the ‘young, expressive consumer’.

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Users will be able to add up to 64GB of external storage to the smartphone via an SD card, to compensate for the minimal 4GB internal memory to store all your pictures, apps and music. The Galaxy Ace Style also comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC for all those connectivity needs. It also features a 5Mp rear camera, front facing VGA Camera, 720p HD video recording capabilities and a 1500mAh battery, making it pretty good bang for your buck.

A spokesperson for Samsung termed the Galaxy Ace Style as: “a new streamlined, easy-to-use smartphone designed to support and power young social consumers. The Galaxy Ace Style features a fun, unique design with an enhanced camera and advanced features for superior performance.”

By pursuing the younger user, Samsung is hopeful that consumers will stay with the brand they’ve become accustomed to when they’re older. They will then be able to spend more money on a more costly model.

The Galaxy Ace Style smartphone will be available in Cream White or dark Grey and will be obtainable at the end of the month for around £150.


All in all, it seems to be exactly what the market and Samsung need to claw back that valuable market share, and keep the financially limited customers contented and up-to-date.

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