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Samsung Starts Manufacturing Speedy UHS-1 MicroSD Card

Over the last few years, we’ve seen big improvements in terms of storage size when it comes to the popular tiny microSD card. However, something that’s been lacking is transfer speeds.

Well, that was until Samsung announced their latest microSD product, the UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed) card has now started to go into production.

The new cards will be ideal for today’s smartphones, tablets and also HD cameras and camcorders which require data to be written as fast as possible. The new UHS-1 card will certainly do that, and give a significant increase in performance compared with what’s currently available on the market.

The 16GB card will be able to achieve a maximum sequential read speed of 80Mbps; this is according to internal tests conducted by Samsung. In comparison, this is around four times the read speed achieved by current microSD cards on the market, which have speeds of up to 21 Mbps.

As well as announcing that the new 16GB UHS-1 card has gone into production, Samsung has also said that the company will also be releasing higher capacity UHS-1 cards later this year.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Samsung hasn’t released any additional info as to when the cards will start to ship, or how much they will cost. As ever though, as soon as we have this information you can be assured we’ll let you know.

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