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“M” is for “Magical” – Samsung reveals new naming scheme for Galaxy handsets

Samsung has revealed the new naming scheme for its Galaxy range of handsets and these hip new names come packed with street-cred – That’s if your street happens to be Sesame Street!

Once a smartphone commanding mystique and grandeur, we now know that the “S” in Samsung Galaxy S is, in fact, for “Super Smart”. We’re no longer so much in awe of the top range mobile, but in bemusement of the primary school acronym, which leaves us wondering if we should patronisingly pat its figurative head and applaud it for a good effort done..

This Samsung Galaxy is brought to you be the letter "S"

Other somewhat childish monikers come in the form of “M” for “Magical”, “R” for “Royal”, “W” for “Wonder” and “Y” for “Young”.

More sensible titles do however come along, such as “Plus” for an upgrade on a previous Samsung model, as well as “LTE” for models using the LTE mobile standard and “Pro” for sets with QWERTY keyboard and aimed at the professional user.

What do our Gadget Helpline Blog readers think of these accursed acronyms? Does Samsung leave you wondering WTH? – or have you LOL’ing? Be sure to leave your tweets and comments on the Official Gadget Helpline Twitter as well as our Official Facebook page!

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