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Samsung to Offer ‘S-Cloud’ Storage Solution Along with Galaxy S III

So far we’ve heard the technical specifications of the Galaxy S III today, and now we’re hearing some juicy information on the software side of things. Samsung will reportedly launch its own cloud storage system to compliment the new flagship smartphone, which will be called ‘S-Cloud’.

Reports indicate that the Korean tech giant has been developing a way to allow its smartphone users to store media and documents in the cloud, retrieving them at a moment’s notice using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. S-Cloud will work similarly to the iCloud solution that Apple offers for users of its iOS and Mac devices.

Korean news website Maeil Business reports that the service will play host to users’ movies, pictures and other content, which can then be accessed from any other Galaxy device. This will be especially useful for those who use a Galaxy smartphone and a Galaxy tablet.

Where Samsung’s offering differs from Apple is in restrictions: with Samsung’s there are none. Whereas Apple gives every user 5GB to start with and then charges an annual fee for 10, 20 and 50GB upgrades, Samsung will not limit the capacity for each user. We imagine there will be some sort of ‘fair usage’ cap on each account so as to prevent the occasional individual taking the proverbial biscuit.

Users can store movies and TV shows with S-Cloud and then stream them to their device in HD quality, or there will be an option to watch video content on demand. While the details on this service are currently scant, we’re told it will be a free offering for Samsung Galaxy device owners.

The launch date of such a service is yet unknown, although we imagine that Samsung will launch it in conjunction with its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III, on May 3rd. Apple has always preached about the importance of marrying quality hardware with great software, and it seems that if S-Cloud turns out to be the way it’s described here, Samsung may have latched on to that ethos.

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Source: Maeil Business

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