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Samsung Says Expect No Press Conference at Mobile World Congress

It’s all no, no, no from Samsung lately – as firstly the Korean co. shoots down any rumour of a Galaxy SII follow-up arriving at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 27th to March 1st, they then denied that another stand-alone event set for March would see the SGSIII either, and today Samsung vehemently stamps out speculation that they will be making any kind of large scale press statement at the MWC in two weeks.

A fellow tech site has been contacted by Samsung’s spoke person who claims that a press conference or large scale announcement was never on the agenda and therefore has not been cancelled as we might have presumed, instead the rep tells T3 “Re. the Samsung conference at MWC, I have just been told that Samsung are not having one this year” and that “it wasn’t actually something Samsung planned to do this year.” – This despite a string of rumours suggesting everything from a pair of new Android tablets to that much-anticipated Galaxy S follow-up.

Samsung is however expected to be in attendance at the MWC and is looking forward to introducing and demonstrating exciting new mobile products and it’s been suggested this could either be a few minor upgrades to the Galaxy SII, in a move much like Apple’s iPhone 4S did, called the Galaxy SII Plus. Or we could be looking at a few added tweaks to the recently released Galaxy Note – But no Galaxy SIII. No, just no.

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