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Samsung Music Hub Premium Launches on Galaxy SIII to Rival iTunes and Spotify

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Samsung is hoping to please all types of customer with its Galaxy SIII smartphone, and the latest software service to be revealed is aimed directly at the music lover.

Samsung Music Hub Premium is a service that the Korean manufacturer hopes will draw people away from the likes of iTunes and Spotify, offering a feature-packed application for music lovers. It will soon be available on most Samsung Android phones and even their Smart TVs and Smart Fridges, but it will launch firstly on the Galaxy SIII, which is available as of today in some places.

Music Hub has been a feature on Samsung’s Android phones for a while, but the new ‘Music Hub Premium’ carries many more features and a £9.99 per month price tag for subscribers – the same as Spotify Premium. For your pennies you’ll get not only access to a catalogue of over 19 million songs – provided by the 7digital service – but you’ll get a whopping 100GB of cloud storage space to store tunes that you already own.

By uploading your own music to Samsung’s cloud service you’ll be able to listen to it on your PC, Samsung Smart TV or on one of up to 5 mobile devices, provided you have an internet connection.

If streaming isn’t your thing then you can buy individual songs or entire albums from the same huge catalogue of music, with prices said to be very similar to iTunes, ie; 69/99p per track and around £7.99 per album. Like Spotify Premium does with its mobile apps, your tracks can then be stored as ‘offline’ for listening when you don’t have an internet connection.

Just like Apple’s iTunes Match does for iPhone users, Music Hub Premium can scan through your music library and automatically add those songs to your cloud account for you, rather than using your bandwidth to upload tracks.

If that’s not enough for you, Samsung’s new service also mixes in a little radio magic, similar to the likes of Rdio, Pandora and Last.fm. You can create your own personal radio stations based on artists you like as well as listening to others which can be found through searching for artists or genres of music.

As a final blow to Apple, Samsung’s Music Hub Premium can actually sync with iTunes to bring your tracks to a Samsung device with ease. With features to rival Spotify, iTunes and Rdio in one neat app, all for the same monthly subscription price as Spotify, this is looking like a very exciting prospect for music lovers indeed.

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