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New Samsung Galaxy Skin concept images show off flex appeal

We’ve just seen the concept images for the Galaxy Skin smartphone – and if Samsung can pull it off it’s going to be one exciting gadget. Or make that several exciting gadgets in one. To reference popular culture – it’s like a real-life Transformer phone!

Utilising Samsung’s AMOLED screen technology it’ll bring functionality and flexibility to the mobile market. Capable of high def video, the Galaxy Skin will feature an 800 x 480 screen resolution and run on a 1GHz processor with the Google Android platform.

In the mock-up scenes we get to see the 8mm slimline phone posing in a variety of mutated states never before dreamt of.  The pictures reveal the Galaxy Skin handset will be stretched to four inches, able to wrap around a one-inch pipe and be folded, twisted and positioned for use as a desk clock or mini media player amongst a range of other intriguing forms. It also manages to pack in an 8MP camera at the rear and a front-facing VGA shooter and can even be used as a video projector.

We could see the Samsung Galaxy Skin as the smartphone of choice for Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic – it’s truly the work of sci-fi! Exciting times for Samsung who have just announced 3-million sales of its Galaxy S II smartphone in just 55 days.

Of course, The Gadget Helpline will be following progress on this limber lovely, so be sure to follow us here at the Blog or on the Official Gadget Helpline Twitter as well as our Official Facebook page!

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