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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime with Better Display & CPU set to launch mid-year?

Samsung is allegedly preparing to launch a new and improved version of its Galaxy S5 smartphone, named the Galaxy S5 Prime it will offer greater picture display and more powerful processing.

If rumours in the Asia Today publication are true, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime will overshadow the regular edition Galaxy S5 which was launched just over a fortnight ago on April the 11th and take the Matrix of Leadership as Samsung’s superior Android 4.2 tech.

With a significant leap in the quality of visuals, the product will supposedly display a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 on a slightly larger 5.5” screen and putting the recent model’s 1,920 x 1,080 pixels to shame somewhat. Co-incidentally, this is the same reported screen res as the upcoming LG G3 which will be released around June 2014.

If we believe the report, the Prime new smartphone will also feature octa-core processing with Exynos 5 5430 CPU. The handset is supposed to be revealed mid-year (shall we guess June?) with a new casing made of metal as opposed to the current plastic stuff.

With a new rival so soon on the horizon to threaten the success of Samsung’s latest and greatest, it would not be surprising it the Korean mobile company stepped into action fast to respond and prove they still have the touch.

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