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Samsung Galaxy S5 release date and UK price revealed

The next installment in Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series is now available for pre-order following the announcement of the Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Although not widely available to pre-order, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is listed SIM -free on Unlockedmobiles.com and can be pre-ordered for £599.98. You can also sign up to get updates from O2 and the Carphone Warehouse (and other networks and retailers I’m sure) online so that you can be amongst the first in line when the Galaxy is actually released in the UK and around the world on April 11th.

The S5 is certainly a step in a new direction with the Galaxy series and is a worthy flagship model for Samsung, and as we have mentioned previously it has a multitude of new features  and increased resilience and functionality in the form of water and dust resistance. Seemingly, taking cues from Sony and Apple (waterproof build and a finger print scanner) has led to a very well rounded and less gimmicky device being created by Samsung. It is also set to be a very capable gadget, running the new AndroidKitKat operating system on Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 801 chipset at 2.5GHz and 2GB of RAM.

Already it seems Samsung has created another jack of all trades, loaded with functionality and a very able smartphone to lead the current generation of smartphones – namely, the Apple iPhone 5S and the incoming Sony Xperia Z2, but we’ll have to wait to get our hands on one to determine if the goods live up to the hype.

What are your views on this new generation of mobile phone, particularly the S5? Call me old fashioned, but my only concern is that we are overloading the trusty mobile phone rather than focusing on the main use of a phone – making calls. What do you think? Do you really need to make calls underwater?! Are you too lazy to enter a PIN number and just have to swipe your finger on something instead?

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