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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Leaked

Following in last years Galaxy S4 Active’s footsteps, a leak on YouTube appears to show the rougher tougher Galaxy S5 Active for AT&T.

The device is said to still be in its prototype stage so features could still change from now up until it launches.

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TK Tech News has been able to get their hands-on the device and have posted a video of the supposed Galaxy S5 Active in all its prototype glory. The Galaxy S5 Active is a good cross between the flagship S5 and the S4 Active. It has the look and design of the Galaxy S5 but the buttons copy that of the S4 Active as the fingerprint sensor has been replaced with three physical buttons. There are also some engravings next to the back and multitasking buttons that, as yet, the use for is unknown.

The phone is designed for and “active” lifestyle so it is prepared for unforeseen drops, much more so than that of the Galaxy S5 with its integrated rubber bumper. They’ve also given the user access to the battery, micro SD and SIM card with a removable plastic cover on the back of the device.

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There is no concrete information as yet as to when we can expect to see the Galaxy S5 Active become available to buy, or whether or not the features will remain the same as they are currently listed. All we know for definite it that Samsung are rolling out new phones and new models like it’s going out of fashion – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Source: tktechnews.com

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