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Samsung Galaxy S4 rumoured for March 15th launch

We could be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S4 mid-way through next month, according to SamMobile, whose trusted source has confirmed that Samsung will launch the phone on March 15th.

The Samsung news-centric site seems very confident that its source is spot on with the information, and in the past they have racked up an impressive track record with Galaxy device leaks and details, so we’re inclined to lend both ears to this rumour.

Although Samsung hasn’t revealed it yet, a typical ‘Unpacked’ event will be held on March 15th to bring the latest Galaxy smartphone into the world. The S3 was revealed in our capital city of London last year, although the location for this year’s event is currently top secret, just like the phone itself.

Following on from the launch event the phone will go on sale early in April, giving a two to three week timeframe for retailers and networks to get on board and launch their deals and tariffs. It’s a pretty normal timeframe to see from a big manufacturer like Samsung,, who will want to get the phone out there and available to buy as soon as possible.

We recently learned that Samsung would not be hosting a big event at this month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and so the Galaxy S4 would not be catching a flight over to Spain for its launch. It now seems logical that once the MWC announcements are done and the hype has died down that Samsung will try to steal the show with a big announcement of its own.

Furthermore, the phone will be available in black and white and will firstly come to eastern European countries, followed by Asia and all other European countries by the end of April. America, Australia and Africa will unfortunately have to wait until May/June time to receive the phone, according to the source.

If true, the Galaxy S4 will launch after HTC’s 2012 flagship smartphone, the M7, which is almost a dead cert to launch on February 19th. It will however launch before Apple’s 2013 offering, which is expected to arrive later in the year, around September time.

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